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Noteworthy trends for business logos in 2020

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A new decade is bringing a fast growth in technology and digitalization in several aspects. It is now the perfect timing for refreshing the crucial visual representation of the business through the component called Logo. A new logo for the business in 2020 will bring lots of prospects for the business. So, what are the expected trends with the Company Logo Design as per 2020? Are you now willing to discover such trends? Here are all the factors that you should know.

Collage of colors

When you are talking about brand transparency, 2020 is reshaping the business with translucent logos. It is the kaleidoscopic collages of simple and candy-colored shapes for the Business Logo Design. Unlike solid, opaque design elements, now it is all about the semi-transparent overlapping layers that will help in communicating the openness and trustworthiness of the business.

Get back to ‘80s

When you are feeling the beauty of the precious cassette tapes, retro computers, vinyl records, video games consoles of the ‘80s, then hay don’t you have the same in a company logo? You can generally find the chrome, neon, and 8-bit inspired pixilation that emerges from the niche market. This will keep your eye peeled for the resurgence of old confetti patterns. So, this is considered as the Best Logo Design in the current year.

Raw and imperfect logos

Right next to the digitally designed gradient and the new 3D logos, now the trending ones are the raw and imperfect ones. This will offer the possible option to design the programs and take back to the sketchbooks. These logos are asymmetry, uneven lines, and shading techniques that are handled like cross-hatching and contour shading. It is one of the industry-leading trends where it is getting grittier and more sketch-like and stamp-like as the brand is continuing to embrace the organic look and homegrown for the Professional Logo Design.

Animated logos

One of the resigning media these days are animation logos. The companies that are looking for the innovation factors, it is necessary to have good animated videos. It is one of the options where you can create a Custom Logo Design implementing creativity. When you can present such logos effectively, it helps in gaining the attention of the audience.


A logo is not a simple factor when it comes to the business. It is like a miniature form of the icon where you will be able to take your business to the mass audience. So, ensure you are grasping the recent trends and designing the right logo for your business.